Tiamat -Prey lp [silver]



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Silver vinyl with lyric insert

Tiamat mastermind Johan Edlund, on eighth album Prey, continues his obsession with synth-driven goth rock, marking a logical progression from the 2002 effort Judas Christ. Dominated by big, droning chords, medium to crawling tempos, and Edlund’s clean, sub-Andrew Eldritch/Peter Steele croon,Prey drifts in a sea of contrived depression. This album should please fans of the Judas Christ album while scare away more fans that prefer the Wildhoney era

Track listing:
1. Cain
2. Ten Thousand Tentacles
3. Wings Of Heaven
4. Love In Chains
5. Divided
6. Carry Your Cross And I’ll Carry Mine
7. Triple Cross
8. Light In Extension
9. Prey
10. The Garden Of Heathen
11. Clovenhoof
12. Nihil
13. The Pentagram

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Funeral Industries

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FI 074

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