Tiamat -Skeleton Skeletron lp [purple]



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Purple vinyl with lyric insert 

With the release of Skeleton Skeletron, Tiamat have effectively crossed over. Whereas early efforts such as Clouds and Wildhoney found the Swedish deathsters taking heavy metal in new and exciting directions by integrating elements of electronica and goth rock, their sixth album begs the question: have they gone too far? With its female backing vocals, lead-off single Brighter than the Sun sounds too much like Sisters of Mercy for its own good, while Dust is our Fare features a synthesizer intro borrowed straight from Bronski Beat’s Small Town Boy. Sure, both songs are excellent and display a biting guitar tone which not even heavier goth-rock bands like the Sisters or Fields of the Nephilim ever attempted, but the results may still be too extreme even for long-time Tiamat fans. No matter the progression, this is undeniably a Tiamat album. The dark, sombre moods woven into the songs are just as powerful as previous albums and, although dirtier-sounding, the album still retains the psychedelic/dream/acid trip/ambience/whatever vibe first presented on the band’s turning point album, Wildhoney. The way the band combines the heavy and the soft is unique and captivating, and isn’t replicated on any of their other albums in quite the same way. You may be grinding along with an industrial guitar riff one minute, then find yourself floating along to a serene keyboard segment the next. 

Track listing: 
1. Church Of Tiamat 
2. Brighter Than The Sun 
3. Dust Is Our Fare 
4. To Have And Have Not 
5. For Her Pleasure 
6. Diyala 
7. Sympathy For The Devil-Rolling Stones cover 
8. Best Friend Money Can Buy 
9. As Long As You’re Mine 
10. Lucy 

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Funeral Industries

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FI 072

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