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Tigertailz ‎–Lost Reelz cd


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Welsh glam legends Tigertailz are back and have dug deep into the vaults to present a collection of songs never before available to the public. For years, bootlegs of unreleased and unfinished material has surfaced on the internet, but Tigertailz wanted to release an album of songs that few had truly ever heard. That album is what you are seeing here, Lost Reelz. This album covers years of material the band recorded, including demos, alternate mixes/versions, and even a brand new track recorded specifically for this compilation. This would not be complete without mentioning long time Tigertailz bassist Pepsi Tate who sadly passed away in 2007. Pepsi’s notes are heard all over these songs and this album features a special tribute page in his memory. This is a true collection of rarities for any Tigertailz fan and we hope fans new and old will enjoy it!

Track list:
1. Welsh National Anthem
2. Long Live The New Flesh-ethnic mix
3. Those Who Have And Those Who Have Not
4. Daggers
5. Mean It
6. Is That Your Idea Of Fun
7. Funny Little Mind
8. She Ain’t The Girl
9. Holding The Baby
10. In For The Kill
11. Hold Your Horses
12. Twisted
13. Get Real
14. Falling Down
15. Spit It Out
16. Everythings Broken
17. FNA
18. Fall In Love Again-Jules Millis version

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