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2016 press with one bonus track

Knights Of The New Thunder was actually TNT’s second album but for anyone outside of Norway it was seen upon as their debut album. This is charismatic pop-metal lead by the strong voice of singer Tony Harnell (actually an American) and the high-tech fretwork of guitarist Ronnie Le Tekro. Ronnie Le Tekro’s unique approach to neo-classical metal guitar was noteworthy at the time, just check out his playing on “Seven Seas” and “Ready To Leave”. The record also benefits from excellent pacing and, for the most part, great tunes. As far as this kind of music goes, TNT does it far better than most of their contemporaries. Le Tekro’s solos alone are worth the price of admission for metal fans; combining a classically influenced Euro-metal aesthetic with electrifying modern chops and imagination, he is capable of real excitement. And Harnell’s vocals recall Queensryche’s Geoff Tate, but with the theatrics pared down and the intensity cranked up. There are some great rockers here, like “Ready to Leave,” “Last Summer’s Evil,” and “Knights of the Thunder.” But watch out for the cheesy power ballad “Without Your Love.”

Track list:
1. Seven Seas
2. Ready To Leave
3. Klassisk Romance
4. Last Summers Evil
5. Without Your Love
6. Tor With The Hammer
7. Break The Ice
8. U.S.A.
9. Deadly Metal
10. Knights Of The Thunder
11. Eddie

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