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To Descend ‎–Exorcism Of Hope MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Black cassette with paper label. Limited 100 copies with one bonus track

To Descend features Rogga Johansson from Paganizer, Ribspreader etc on guitar and bass and Jens Johansson from Murder Corporation and Megaslaughter on vocals. To Descend is a charming mixture of Swedish death metal and Autopsy and Jens does some distinct barking but its not just all grunts he do sound brutal but he does so with a variety. Mid-tempo death metal with some groove and Rogga do pull out some new cool riffs, just listen to the melodic riff of Bleed Out. Autopsy, Entombed and Rogga lovers need this one

Track list:
1. A Failing Design
2. Tomb Of God
3. Black Beacon
4. Bleed Out
5. Dead Weight
6. Exorsism Of Hope
7. Savages
8. Dormant Loss
9. Bastard World
10. Plague The Living
11. Sea Of Worms

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TTD T014