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Tori Amos –Blue Skies And Butterflies cd


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A compilation of rare and odd tracks from the American singer and songwriter Tori Amos and among them we find new mixes fo the Blue Skies material that Amos recorded with the electronic DJ Brain Wayne Transeau more known as BT.

Track list:
1. Blue Skies-Rabbit in the moon phantomless blue mix
2. God-The rainforest resort mix
3. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo-Hasbrook heights club mix
4. Blue Skies-Paul Van Dyks blauer himmer mix
5. Professional Widow-Armands star trunk funkin mix
6. Tabula-BTs liquid oxygen mix
7. Blue skies-BT liquid oxygen mix

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Smokin Cactus Records

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SC 009

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