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Tornado Babies ‎–Demo-Lition cd


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The Swedish hard rock band Tornado Babies was formed in a pub in London, England in 1987 by a bunch of guys from Gothenburg, Sweden who decided to form a band now that there weren’t any real rock n roll bands left – since Hanoi Rocks had stopped playing. A couple of demos were recorded with different line-ups but the original line-up reconvened around 1989 / 1990. The debut album Eat This came out in 1991 and after two years of touring the band released their second and, what we thought would be the final, album Delirious in 1993. This album entitled Demo-Lition consists of 18 demo tracks recorded between 1988 and 1991. All of the tracks have never been released before; The tracks were recorded with many different incarnations of the band, yet still maintains that sleaze rock/glam rock vibe. The first demo contain songs that sound a lot of glam rock and punk as Hanoi Rocks was a great source of inspiration for the band. The latter songs slipped into Sleaze rock as at that time there were many new bands that inspired the band such as Guns N Roses, Love / Hate, Rhino Bucket and of course Ac/dc. However, it should be added that the guitarist Petta and Dikk brought other musical influences to the band that can be heard on the songs Wild N Free and Too Fast To Live, where also Dikk is said to have played guitar on. On the third demo one can hear the sleaze rock coming up and even Harry’s song becomes more raspy.The fourth demo (now with Rob on vocals) is a retrospect on old songs and a look forward with the song Rocket Girl (which was later recorded for the debut album). In the middle of 1990, the band had found its sound that can be heard on the fifth demo where all the songs also ended up on the debut album.

Track list:
1. Wasted Youth
2. A Million Miles From Home
3. Sight For Sore Eyes
4. Fool For Ya Bitch
5. Love Me Til Death
6. Shoot To Kill
7. Rocket Girl
8. Too Fast To Live-with Robban on vocals
9. Hardtime
10. Crazy, Lazy & Dirty
11. Too Drunk To Drink
12. Trash Queen
13. If You’re Looking For Trouble
14. So Many Girls
15. Wild N Free
16. Too Fast To Live-with Harry on vocals
17. I Love Playing With Fire
18. Say You Love Me

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