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Torque -S/t cd [promo]


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PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectable releases

Dutch cd promo in promo paper sleeve.

2019 re-issue with 4 bonus tracks

It was 1994 when one of the San Francisco Bay area thrash scenes leading lights Vio-lence called it a day. Robb Flynn and Sean Killian both left to form Machine Head while the remaining members formed the riff heavy, groove infused thrashers Torque. Releasing three demos between 1994 and 1997 and one self-titled album all with Machine Head and Vio-lence guitarist Phil Demmel on vocals. It’s heavy groove metal, with helpings of thrash and hardcore. It’s not too far removed from what Flynn himself came up with for the first Machine Head album, but a little more unapologetically metal. It didn’t get much play when it was released and the band came and went in the blink of an eye.

Track list:
1. H.L.S.
2. Again
3. Nothing
4. Shooter
5. Dead You Lay
6. Choking
7. Forgotten
8. Pulled
9. Will Of Stone
10. Breed
11. Hand Over Fist
12. Circling
13. Erased
14. Sever
15. Isolation / Anger Mine

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