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Totenburg –Jenseits Des Grabes lp


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Black vinyl with insert

Totenburg is a German black metal band that started out under the name of Peststurm back in 1998. Back then they had guitar and keyboard help from Rene Kanwulf Wagner from Nargaroth. After just one demo the band decided to change name to Totenburg (castle of the dead), a monument the German changellor wanted to build in memory of the fallen German soldiers in the West and in the East after the first German victory in WWII. Their 2019 album, Jenseits Des Grabes, joins the ranks of the strong, past Totenburg albums, such as Pestpogrom or Endzeit. Here, ideas and approaches that played a subordinate role on Totenburg’s past albums, but always represented a meaningful addition, are brought to the fore, giving Totenburg a fresh and yet familiar coat of paint in the second decade, the second millennium. One notices that the return of the Thuringians was not intended to be a scavenging of old masterpieces, but a new milestone in the group’s work, opening a new phase in the band’s history. So the Thuringians have returned after 10 years with an album that old fans will surely like a lot and that will give listeners who have been averse to it an introduction to Totenburg’s work.

Track list:
1. Finsternis
2. Ein Feste Burg
3. Zwölf Schwerter
4. Sternenlicht
5. Jenseits Des Grabes
6. Götterzorn
7. Totenbrand

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