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ToxicRose ‎–Total Tranquility lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and printed innersleeve. Limited 350 copies

Fans of modern metal/sleaze please do yourself a favour and grab this one up asap. Yes these Swedes released an EP a couple years back and things went silent for a while, but i’m here to say ToxicRose is back and they kick some major metal butt with their first album. Kudos to the band for some awesome artwork as well. Yes their get up (check out one of their videos) may be a little cheesy looking, but they back it up with some great tunes. Loud guitars, gang vocals and tight guitar solos pollute this record throughout. My personal favourite tracks are Sinner, We Own The Night, Because Of You and the 8 minute title track. Yes it’s been a long wait, but i’m here to encourage you to check out some samples of the songs because you will be hooked for sure!

Track list:
1. World Of Confusion
2. The Silent End Of Me
3. Killing The Romance
4. Sinner
5. We Own The Night
6. Reckless Society
7. Clarity
8. Because Of You
9. We All Fall Down
10. Total Tranquility

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