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Toxik ‎–III Works 3cd


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2023 press. Still sealed box set with 3 cds

New York’s Toxik was formed in 1985 performing a complex brand of heavy metal that were quite hard to put a label on. When the group signed a contract with Roadrunner Records in the late 80s, it had developed into a hybrid style somewhere between speed, thrash, and progressive metal, similar to New Jersey neighbors Hades and Texas groundbreaking Watchtower. Two musically challenging and thematically politicized albums followed: 1987’s World Circus and 1989’s Think This. Unfortunately, neither album managed to break Toxik beyond the core heavy metal consumer base, and the group eventually broke up in 1992, after losing their record deal. They reconvened in the 2010s and released III Works in 2018, a massive box set with never before released material recorded including the complete recording session of In Humanity (2014) and Breaking Clas$ (2017) plus brand new songs and new re-recorded Toxik classics.

Track list:
Disc 1: Works I – In Humanity 2014
1. Too Late
2. Program Insertion
3. Crooked Crosses
4. Subverter-demo
5. In Humanity-demo
6. Lunacy’s Fringe-instrumental demo

Disc 2: Works II – Breaking Clas$ 2017
1. Stand Up
2. Breaking Clas$
3. Psyop
4. Anthem-demo
5. Upside Down-demo
6. Dreaming In Chrome-instrumental demo

Disc 3: Works III – Kinetic Closure 2018
1. Kinetic Closure
2. Spontaneous
3. Heart Attack
4. Greed
5. False Prophets
6. Think This
7. Social Overload
8. Shotgun Logic
9. World Circus
10. No Rest For The Wicked

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