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Toxik -Think This lp


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2021 reissue on black vinyl. Limited to 400 numbered copies

New York Thrash Metal band Toxik was formed in 1985 by Josh Christian and Lee Ervin under the name Tokyo. But the band later had to change the name to Toxik due to legal threats by another same named band. They debuted for Roadrunner Records in 1988 with the ‘World Circus’ album. Toxik added second guitarist John Donnely prior to beginning work on their second album, ‘Think This’, in Florida. Toxik’s second album is an improvement over their impressive debut, World Circus. More progressive and more of a concept album than its predecessor, Think This has quite a lot of layers to it. I find the albums that can be enjoyed the most are the ones that seem the hardest to digest at first. Think This is like this, what can sound like a cacophony of sound will soon make sense upon repeated listens. The songs are very technical, yet quite catchy. Spontaneous, There Stood The Fence, Machine Dream and the title track are all examples of the marriage between catchy and technical. The drums pound, the guitars wail, as does the vocalist. The vocals are high, but not as high as they were on World Circus. Different lead singer, and a lower register flows excellently. Toxik tenure on the scene was short but highly potent! By the time of their demise, Toxik had totally changed the metal landscape, almost singlehandedly creating what is known today as progressive thrash.

Track list:
1. Think This
2. Greed
3. Spontaneous
4. There Stood The Fence
5. Black And White
6. Wir Njn8 / In God
7. Machine Dream
8. Shotgun Logic
9. Time After Time
10. Think That

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