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Traitor -Venomizer lp


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Black vinyl

Venomizer, the second album by Swabian thrashers Traitor, will not disappoint fans of teutonic metal. Their debut Thrash Command (2012) gained rave reviews, and now the young band, newly augmented by guitarist Matthias Koch, is ready to take the next step towards metal immortality. This album is a little harder and at the same time more sophisticated, without losing the rough and ready charm of its predecessor. The album comes with twelve straight-forward thrash anthems. The joy of those tunes is that they are really powerful and raw. Traitor doesn’t give too much focus on high complexity; they just shoot heavy riffs out of the hips. This leads to thrash metal the oldschool way. Bands like the early Kreator and Sodom will come to mind when listening to this. This is a cool thrash album that should win you over by the authenticity and intensity. Good stuff.

Track listing:
1. Chernobyl-intro
2. Reactor IV
3. Torturize
4. Toxic Death
5. Lords Of Lust
6. Venomizer
7. Teutonic Storm
8. War Death And Terror
9. Chemical Violator
10. Hell Hammer (Traitor Part II)
11. Executioner
12. Hexenmeister
13. Le Traitre

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