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Transmetal ‎–Clasicos lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 400 copies

Speed metal act Transmetal are among the very biggest of all Mexican rock acts. In the beginning the band was fronted by vocalist Alberto Pimentel, who featured on the first two albums before he left to found his own band named Leprosy. Pimentel would return to Transmetal a couple of tilmes, 1992 to 1997 and 2007 to 209. However there would several vocalist coming and going over the years within the Transmetal camp but the core of the Partida Bravo brothers Juan, Javier and Lorenzo would always be there. The three brothers has given the band an impressive career in the extreme metal scene. They have played with many of the biggest acts and they have sold an amount of albums in South America alone to make impressions on any of the European thrash metal acts. They are one of Mexicos biggest and most successful acts ever. In 2013 the band entered the Zaike Studios together with the Ultratumba vocalist Chris Menpart to re-recorded 11 old tracks that meant alot ot the band. The album, called Clasicos, demonstraste that their workd and convictions are true and that they are far from over even after a 30 year long career.

Track list:
1. Tristeza De Lucifer
2. Rostro Maligno
3. El Llamado De La Hembra
4. Mexico Barbaro
5. Debajo De Los Cielos Purpuras
6. Enviado Del Infierno
7. Killers
8. El Infierno De Dante
9. Exhumado
10. Tristeza Inexorable

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