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Trauma –Rapture And Wrath cd


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The American power metal-band Trauma should be known to quite a few heavy metal-enthusiasts out there through their contribution to the Metal Massacre-sampler and the release of their 1984 debut album Scratch And Scream. By the way, the late, great Cliff Burton played bass on their first demo recording… Now, after three decades, the band from California have decided to give it another go! Trauma has returned to deliver more face-melting heavy metal unto the hungry masses. This is their first album in thirty years and all is here; The powerful and charismatic high-pitched vocals of Donny Hillier, which can be described as a cross between Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson, the hard rockin’ guitars and many exciting melodic passages. This album has everything you need, satisfaction guaranteed! On Rapture And Wrath, groove, anthemic melodies and catchy hooklines go hand in hand. Combine that with a clean, crisp production and you got yourself a hell of a good time. Welcome back, gents! Rapture And Wrath has lived up to our expectations! Trauma have returned.

Track list:
1. Heart Of Stone
2. When I Die
3. The Long Way Home
4. Pain
5. The Walking Dead
6. Kingdome Come
7. Egypt
8. Under The Lights
9. Don’t Tread On Me
10. Too Late

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