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Treat -Dreamhunter lp [red]


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30th anniversary edition on red vinyl with new liner notes

There are a lot of 80’s rock bands that were overlooked, and then there are bands that by rights should have been massive stars. Swedish melodic rockers Treat definitely fall into the latter category. 1987’s Dreamhunter was the band’s third studio album, and it’s another absolutely first class melodic rock release. With Dreamhunter, Treat attempted to thicken their sound into a much harder version of their established melodic rock approach. One immediately notices the up-front rhythm section which develops into a big part of Dreamhunter. The presence of guitars has also intensified adding twin melodic lines and extensive solos beyond the obvious riffs and rhythm parts. In addition Ernlund puts on a far more complete vocal performance than what found on the previous albums, often singing and sustaining on higher notes. As a result there a good few highlights on Dreamhunter; the groovy-melodic ‘Dancing on the Edge’ the drama of ‘Outlaw’ the Europe-esque ‘World of promises’ and the anthemic ‘One Way to glory’ all first rate melodic hard rockers from an `80s band growing artistically album after album. Fans of the European melodic rock/ glam metal scene of the `80s, and Sweden in particular should definitely try ‘Dreamhunter’ it is amongst the greatest albums to come out of the Treat camp.

Track listing:
1. Sole Survivor
2. Youre The One I Want
3. Take Me On Your Wings
4. Best Of Me
5. Dancing On The Edge
6. Outlaw
7. World Of Promises
8. One Way To Glory
9. Save Yourself
10. The Winner

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