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Treblinka -Crawling In Vomits lp [red]


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Rare 2002 release on red vinyl. Limited 100 copies

A death metal combo out of Taby Sweden, masterminded by Johan Edlund. Treblika was the forerunner of leading alt-gothic metal band Tiamat, a band that has evolved chameleon like with each successive release. Less tastefully known in their formative years as Treblinka (during which time vocalist Johan Edlund also pursued his side project General Surgery), the Swedish quartet adopted the title of the Sumerian goddess of chaos and mythical planet Tiamat. The band has evolved from a derivative Speed Metal / Death act to a more substantial stance in offering aggression with adventurous Progressive variances. As Treblinka the band consisted of vocalist/guitarist Johan Hedlund (Lucifer Hellslaughter), bassist Klas Wistedt, guitarist Stefan Lagergren (Emetic) and drummer Andreas Holmberg (Najse Auschwitzer). This unit released the 1988 demo Crawling In Vomits and follow up tape The Sign Of The Pentagram in 1989. Also emerging that year would be the Severe Abomination EP. This album features the two demos.

Track listing:
1. Crawling In Vomits-Crawling In Vomits demo 1988
2. Earwings In Your Veins-Crawling In Vomits demo 1988
3. Hail To Cruelty-Crawling In Vomits demo 1988
4. Cadaverous Odour-Crawling In Vomits demo 1988
5. Nocturnal Funeral-The Sign Of The Pentagram demo 1989
6. Evilized-The Sign Of The Pentagram demo 1989
7. Necrophagious Shadows-The Sign Of The Pentagram demo 1989
8. Mould In Hell-The Sign Of The Pentagram demo 1989

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