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Trelldom ‎–Til Evighet cd [original]


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Trelldom’s debut 1995 album Til Evighet is the first glimpse we as listeners get of the band as well as the band’s now world renowned front man Gaahl. Like many of you I’m sure you discovered Trelldom through Gaahl’s involvement in Gorgoroth a much more renowned Norwegian black metal band. If youre a fann of his style then you should give Trelldom a deeper look. The sound is very much akin to similar black metal bands of the time with their production and style of playing (i.e. Darkthrone or Burzum). However for me what separates Trelldom from the other bands is Gaahl’s unique vocal style which over his career has evolved to encompass spoken word and ancient Viking singing. The other two members present for this release were session members from other bands who display tight playing and creative musicianship. This is raw and cold black metal but still rhytmic and Gaahl for the most part uses very high pitched shrieks which work to great effect with the music that goes with it. If youre into old Gorgoroth, Darkthrone or Mayhem then you should check this out. This album has everything a true black metal fan would ever want; raw atmosphere, excellent musicianship and interesting song structure.

Track list:
1. Endelos Vandring Gjennom Evighet
2. Fullmaanens Hemmelighet
3. Disappearing Of The Burning Moon
4. Sannhet, Smerte Og Dod
5. Taake
6. Sunset
7. Chains Of Solitude
8. Frosten Har Tint Mine Smerter
9. Til Evighet

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