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Trespass -Footprints In The Rock lp


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NWOBHM act Trespass was formed in Suffolk England, and originally a part of this historic moment for heavy metal bred in the beginning of the decade of the eighties, facing adversity like through knights of metal and allowing quality, not quantity to be the trademark of their work. Harmony and Melody are the two best attributes that this band has, the use of minor chord progressions and an inherent melancholy in the tessitura of the lead singer, all in accordance to lyrics that inspire and invite to progress and endurance make this record and songs like “Be Brave” and “Prometheus” as well as the track that gives it its title an uplifting experience all together, and the idea of how this band released its first full length thirteen years after its foundation and have only released three of them in all their career gives you a notion of how difficult it has been for them and how important it is to have bands like this both for fans and aspiring musicians, to acknowledge that in spite of all the effort, sometimes rewards take longer than expected, but the main objective must never change, to keep the flame of metal alive. Pure raw Heavy Metal straight from its core, an original concept forty years in the making that has not lost any essence along the path travelled, unhindered by tendencies that have been inserted into metal ever since they first saw the light, Trespass honour their name by charging in a relentless onslaught to become present in this new year. A reminder and trademark of the origin of a new brand of heavy metal that still lives today for those in need to return to the origin.

Track list:
1. Momentum
2. Be Brave
3. Mighty Love
4. Prometheus
5. Little Star
6. Footprints In The Rock
7. The Green Man
8. Dragons In The Mist
9. Beowulf And Grendel

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