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Trey Frey ‎–Tres Frais MC


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French pressed music cassette. Bi-coloured yellow and black cassette with paper label. Limited 100 copies

When Trey Frey from the West Virginia darkwave synthpop group Korine wanted to go solo he dug up his old game boys and started doing chiptune music. Here he has taken on a very different approach from his usual work and he just keeps on pushing on new ground, with tons of style. The Tres Frais album just hits everything in the right places, the sample work is done flawlessly and the remixes are superb. Trey has an innovative sound and write tasteful compositions which makes this album very accessible. He also shows us a surprising new chilled-out and jazzy side which feels quit refreshing compared to the normal high-octane insanity of his previous works.

Track list:
1. Tres Frais (Original Edit)
2. Cruise Control (Original Edit)
3. Show Me (Original Edit)
4. Tres Frais (Henry Homesweet Remix)
5. Cruise Control (Dubmood Remix)
6. Show Me (Sabrepulse Remix)
7. Tres Frais (Roboctopus Roboctomix)
8. Cruise Control (Tri Angles New Angle)
9. Show Me (Shirobon Remix)
10. Show Me (Zabutom Remix)

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