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Tribe Of Pazuzu –Blasphemous Prophecies cd


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By conjuring the spirit of atmospheric, early 90s technical death metal, with a special nod to Morbid Angel, Tribe Of Pazuzu are providing an admirable service. There are plenty of bands marching down that same left-hand path, but Blasphemous Prophecies is the work of respected veterans, each with a direct link to the old school, and everything about this screams superiority as a result. A well-oiled machine with nothing but nefarious savagery in mind, Tribe Of Pazuzu take no prisoners. Eight unrelenting attacks of blackened death metal featuring Flo Mounier from Cryptopsy on drums, Randy Harris from Macifecation on guitar and Nick Sagias from Nihilist Death Cult / Soulstorm / Overthrow on bass and vocals. Special guest vocals by Luc Lemay (Gorguts) and Jorgen Sandstrom (ex Grave, ex Entombed, ex Torture Division) and guest solo by Christian Donaldson. Any band with Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier on the drums is going to rip hard and fast, but even by his own standards, the Canadian is on blistering form here. Frontman Nick Sagias has one of those haughty and commanding growls that always have more impact than unintelligible gutturals. Less concerned with dynamics than with sustaining an athletic blitzkrieg, Tribe Of Pazuzu seldom pause for breath, with even lead guitarist Randy Harris’s solos resounding with manic urgency. Blasphemous Prophecies is a vicious statement when it comes to death metal.

Track list:
1. We Serve Under No God
2. Blasphemous Prophecies
3. Countess Of Blood
4. Invocation Of The Ancients
5. The Trial And Prosecution Of The Scorned Prophet
6. Pazuzu Incarnate
7. Born Of A Jackal
8. Towards Oppressors

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