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Tribulation -The Formulas Of Death MC


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Irish pressed music cassette. Black cassette with white text.

Swedish death metal act Tribulation and their second full length album The Formulas Of Death is a bit of a surprise. This isnt The Horror part II. While still steadfastly death metal to its core, The Formulas of Death sees the entire Tribulation sound and style expand and develop beyond what anyone could have expected. As anyone who is old enough to remember, Morbid Angels Blessed are the Sick took somewhat of a hammering for expanding the bands sound and incorporating different elements. The Formulas of Death will stun and entrance in equal measure given the depth and breadth of what the band has achieved. Having only heard the straight cuts without any mixing or mastering, Tribulation has without doubt achieved something simply out of this world.

Track listing:
1. Vagina Dentata
2. Wanderer In The Outer Darkness
3. Spectres
4. Night
5. Suspiria De Profundis
6. Through The Velvet Black
7. Randa
8. When The Sky Is Black With Devils
9. Spell
10. Ultra Silvam
11. Apparitions

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