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Tribulation -Where The Gloom Becomes Sound lp [black/white]


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Bone white and black metal colored vinyl

Where The Gloom Becomes Sound marks Tribulation’s fifth studio album release, and the follow-up to 2018’s Down Below, which received worldwide critical acclaim and also won a Grammis award in the group’s home country. The band checked in with the following comment about Where The Gloom Becomes Sound: The album is a sombre one, filled with ghastly shadows and elemental magic — a mythological bestiarium vocabulum ranging from the desert sands to the midnight sun, from our murky prehistorical past to our potentially luminous futures. Figuratively, literally and musically. Where The Gloom Becomes Sound isn’t representative of monumental change, but rather the accrual of ambition over time in conjunction with continued exposure to and profound experiments with crossroads devilry. Being their most expressive and inventive album to-date, where it will take them is only to greatness and with reverence.

Track list:
1. In Remembrance
2. Hour Of The Wolf
3. Leviathans
4. Dirge Of A Dying Soul
5. Lethe
6. Daughter Of The Djinn
7. Elementals
8. Inanna
9. Funeral Pyre
10. The Wilderness

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