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Trivium ‎–Silence In The Snow cd


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Australian pressing with two bonus tracks

Seventh studio album by the American metalcore band. Featuring the singles Silence In The Snow, Blind Leading The Blind and Until The World Goes Cold, the album debuted at #19 in the UK Albums Chart. For better and worse, Trivium haven’t made the same album twice since 2005’s Ascendancy. In keeping with their own tradition, they tossed out plenty to reinvent themselves on Silence In The Snow. On this album, Trivium seem to have (finally) decided to become the arena rock band they’ve been inspired by and had in them. (Your own particular prejudice will decide if this is good or bad.) Every other record in their catalog hinted at their further development as a metal unit; this one doesn’t. Trivium are using the building blocks of metal to pursue a wider, more nuanced, musical direction.

Track list:
1. Snofall
2. Silence In The Snow
3. Blind Leading The Blind
4. Dead And Gone
5. The Ghost Thats Haunting You
6. Pull Me From The Void
7. Until The World Goes Cold
8. Rise Above The Tides
9. The Thing Thats Killing Me
10. Beneath The Sun
11. Breathe In The Flames
12. Cease All Your Fire
13. The Darkness Of My Mind

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