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Troll -Drep De Kristne lp [gold]


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2022 press on gold vinyl with insert

Living beneath a rock in most Scandinavian countries you can find them, haunting and tormenting peaceful human souls. However this Norwegian Troll is of even more hateful plans. Through Drep De Kristne troll Nagash tries to persuade the world to kill the Christians. Besides the good mans solo project hes also active in Dimmu Borgir and Covenant, where he actually writes more or less the same music. Troll is, like the others, an atmospheric black metal band with a lot of keyboards. Different than bands like Dimmu Borgir or Old Mans Child is Trolls accent on black metal. Where many atmospheric bands tend to sound cheesy or poppy, Troll creates a really dark and evil feeling More orientated on black metal than on romantic gothic moods.

Track list:
1. Kristenhat
2. I Saler Av Stev
3. Trollberg
4. Naar Solenblekner Bort
5. Troll Riket
6. Med Vold Skal Takes Kristen Liv
7. Guds Fall
8. Drep De Kristne

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