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Trouble -Live In Stockholm dvd


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Of the many bands who take a large influence from Black Sabbath, Trouble is arguably one of the best, and certainly one of the most influential. They emerged from Chicago and their career path began to unfold in 1979, and after years of painstaking rehearsals, club gigs, and tooling with their sound it finally paid off and they issued their surprisingly mature eponymous debut in 1984. They were promoting themselves as ‘White Metal’ in reference to their spiritual, somewhat religious lyrics (though they never aligned themselves with the Christian metal scene and are not really considered a religious band). They released a solid trio of albums on the Metal Blade label in the eighties before hooking up with Rick Rubin’s Def American label in 1990. Their six albums first albums ranks along the best bodies of work by any band — truly doom masterpieces. Even if they had a been around since the birth of metal the band didn’t release its first dvd until 2006. The dvd was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003 and it runs through a great set of Trouble classics as well as some obscure tracks, R.I.P., Come Touch the Sky, End of My Daze, Plastic Green Head, Psalm 9, Run to the Light, Psychotic Reaction, and many more. This is Trouble at their best! Anyone who is into doom metal, and Black Sabbath’s style of music must by this dvd.

Track list:
1. R.I.P.
2. Come Touch The Sky
3. End Of My Daze
4. Plastic Green Head
5. Fear
6. Memory’s Garden
7. The Misery Shows (Act II)
8. Psalm 9
9. Run To The Light
10. All Is Forgiven
11. Psychotic Reaction
12. The Skull
13. Revelation (Life Or Death)
14. The Tempter

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