Trouble -Plastic Green Head lp [green]



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2013 edition on green vinyl

Trouble’s sixth album, Plastic Green Head, continues the progression of their multi-layered, complex breakthrough record, Manic Frustration. As the band blends in elements of progressive rock and psychedelia to their heavy, monolithic riffs, they don’t dilute it — instead the experimentations make it more popular. Plastic Green Head suffers a little from inconsistent material — Trouble shouldn’t be covering the Monkees’ “Porpoise Song” and the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows,” no matter how wonderful the songs are — but that doesn’t prevent the record from ranking as one of their best.

Track listing:
1. Plastic Green Head
2. The Eye
3. Flowers
4. The Porpoise Song-Monkees cover
5. Opium-Eater
6. Hear The Earth
7. Another Day
8. Requiem
9. Below Me
10. Long Shadows Fall
11. Tomorrow Never Knows-Beatles cover
12. Till The End Of Time

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FRW Music

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EMUS 372