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Trouble -Revelations (Life Or Death) Demos And Rarities Part 1 lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and insert. Limited 200 copies

At a time when heavy metal was moving forward faster than ever, thanks to the advent and growing popularity of thrash metal, Chicago’s Trouble embodied a nostalgic throwback to the genre’s old-school, ’70s values — and specifically a preference for the deliberate, slow-creeping style of the genre’s founding fathers, Black Sabbath, which, in the able hands of Trouble and California’s similarly backward-gazing Saint Vitus, came to be known as doom metal. Unfortunately, neither band, nor their few lesser-known colleagues (the Obsessed, Pentagram, etc.), ever achieved any commercial success to speak of, but their preservation efforts nevertheless rescued metal’s original blueprint from disuse, and carved it in granite for subsequent exploration by each new generation of doom bands that followed. This album features rare Trouble demos and rare recordings made between 1980 and 1983

Track list:
1. Dying Love-demo 80
2. Demons Claw-demo 80
3. Child Of Tomorrow-demo 80
4. The Tempter-demo 82
5. Revelation (Life Or Death)-demo 82
6. Assassin-demo 82
7. Wickedness Of Man-demo 82
8. The Last Judgement-demo 83
9. The Fall Of Lucifer-demo 81
10. Psalm 9-cable show 82
11. Victim Of The Insane-cable show 82

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