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Truckfighters -Fuzzomentary dvd


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A documentary about a band, which is well known in the so called Desert/Stoner Rock Scene but not even remotely to the regular rock listener. Does that really make sense? Yes of course, Fuzzomentary is not a common music documentary in the first place, it’s an artistic balancing act between entertaining mockumentary and classic documentary which combine ambitious aims and dreams with an unpredictable reality to reflect a modern rock band’s life: Three down-to-earth guys, working on day-to-day jobs, recording songs and reaching out for alternatives beyond ordinary. Truckfighters provides uncommon insight into the double-tracked lifestyle of a young determined and in a way untypical rock band. There’s a fork in the road where every artist has to stop by sometimes: Doing it for real or not? It’s not an easy task, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes tragic maybe common in a small way, but way beyond ordinary. The movie presents scenes from live gigs that prove that quite impressively of course. But what makes the movie interesting and special even for people who are not familiar with the scene are other things. Like the certain style which the film is held in. Old-looking color grading of the live footage and quite modern artwork in between scenes keep the movies suspense. Everything appears real and warm. No cracy camera movements or unnessecary effects, even though a bunch of them are used. This movie gives an honest insight into the life of an underground rock band, trying to have and give a good time. Thereby it entertains and surprises with a unique style of editing and the use of selfmade artwork. Artists that are interviewed or appear in this fuzzomentary is

Queens of the Stone Age
Fu Manchu
Valient Thorr
Let Me Out
Red Stoner Sun
The Freeks

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