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Tsjuder ‎–Kill For Satan lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve.

Finally. Finally, after what must be close to a decade, the acolytes of unashamedly evil, brutal and truest black metal have had their diabolical invocations answered; and a new band of the same caliber as Burzum, Mayhem, Marduk, Immortal and Emperor has been unleashed from the pit. There have been others in the interim who have provided us with a distraction now and again – and the latter three of the aforementioned bands have been relatively consistent in terms of the quality of their later releases – but we all know that the albums we play the most are by the old bands; and usually the old albums. Whilst Tsjuder follow a closer musical style to bands like Marduk and Immortal – blisteringly fast keyboard-free chainsaw black metal – they capture the emotion and the atmosphere inherent in the albums by all the immortal black metal greats; that which is lacking in so many of the newer bands who play that standard black-metal-by-numbers we’ve come to expect from recent releases – technically sound, but lacking the special indefinable quality that make the music something more than the sum of its instrumental compositions. Tsjuder from Norway play a splendid black metal and they’ve been around since the early days for a start, but problems with the line-up changes, national service and various other problematical held them back when they should have been marching forward; but after releasing three demos, an EP and a promo; we’re finally treated to this – their debut full length album. And what a debut! Nine tracks, every one of which is a textbook example of how this type of black metal should sound. Mixing in all trusted elements: light-speed screeching guitar, a blazing hellstorm of blast beats, and lyrics – alternating between praising the dark deities and the ritual rape of christianity – screamed harshly over the whole cacophony.

Track listing:
1. The Daemon Gate
2. Necromancy
3. The Lord of Terror
4. Raping Christianity
5. Dying Spirits
6. Unleashed
7. Kill for Satan
8. Sodomizing the Lamb
9. Beyond the Grave
10. Daemons Journey

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