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Tsjuder -Norweigan Apocalypse dvd [tin can]


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Tin can/metalbox edition with booklet

An excellent live registration of two of the band’s live performances; one from Rockefeller in Oslo on the 24st of September and the other from Tribute in Sandnes, Norway, on September 16th 2005. Find all classics here (a fine cross-section of all albums so far), as well as an amazing Bathory cover track. This is brutalizing sonic hatred reaching way back to legendary compatriots Darkthrone and Mayhem, and beyond to primordial giants like Bathory, Hellhammer and, of course, the big twisted daddies of them all: Venom. Black metal purists simply looking for the fastest one-way ticket to the nether regions below will find that Tsjuder are exactly what they’re looking for. This is an experience not to miss.

Track listing:
1. Sodomizing The Lamb
2. Helvete
3. I-10
4. Unholy Paragon
5. Lord Of Terror
6. Ghoul
7. Mouth Of Madness
8. Sacrifice-Bathory cover
9. Primeval Fear
10. Beyond The Grave
11. Malignant Coronation
12. Eriphion Epistates
13. Morbid Lust-Sandnes 16th of September
14. Malignant Coronation-Sandnes 16th of September
15. Eriphion Epistates-Sandnes 16th of September
16. Born For Burning-Bathory cover-Sandnes 16th of September
17. Beyond The Grave-Sandnes 16th of September

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Season of Mist

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