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Turn-On Tune-In Lookout dvd


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Old-school pop-punkers such as The Mr. T Experience, The Smugglers and The Queers join several generations of their musical acolytes in this fun set of sassy, goofy, low-budget videos. Also of note are three videos by the still-indie version of The Donnas (same “ooh-baby, we’re so bad, we’re so hot, yeah right-you wish!” come-on schtick, but a less slick image and more endearing amateurism), scruffy popsters The Hi-Fives, and newer powerhouse bands such as the Pattern, The Oranges Band, and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. Lookout! fans should enjoy this collection a lot — my personal favourites are the MTX “Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba” video and “Punk Rock Girls” by the Queers, both directed by Berkeley filmmaker Jennifer Kaufman, each shot on real film (not video) and in black and white. The Queers video, which features a montage of fan portraits taken at a Queers show in ’96, interspersed with shots of the band playing live, has a classy, arty feel to it, and gives us a great glimpse not only at the band, but of their fans as well. The MTX video is a perfect, hilarious encapsulation of the Mr. T’s nebbish image… the band setting up to play in a suburban house, and the video ending before they even start. All of the clips on this dvd reflect the buoyant sauciness of the Lookout! scene. Some videos are super-low budget, low-concept, and others are more ambitious and visually arresting. But they’re all a welcome contrast to the slick, corporate videos that are beamed into our brains via MTV, etc. These clips are more low-key and more personal — just you, the band, and a few minutes of fun.

Track list:
1. Pretty Girls Make Graves -Speakers Push The Air
2. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists -Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?
3. The Donnas -Do You Wanna Hit It?
4. The Pattern -Fragile Awareness
5. The Oranges Band -Ok Apartment
6. Bratmobile -Eating Toothpaste
7. The Mr. T Experience -I Fell For You
8. The Smugglers -Especially You
9. The Donnas -40 Boys In 40 Nights
10. The Queers -Punk Rock Girls
11. Pansy Division -I Really Wanted You
12. The Mr. T Experience -Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
13. Servotron -People Mover
14. The Queers -Don’t Back Down
15. The Donnas -Skintight
16. The Mr. T Experience -And I Will Be With You
17. The Pattern -Nothing Of Value
18. The Hi Fives -I’d Be So Pleased
19. The Smugglers -Rosie
20. Squirtgun -Mary Ann
21. Pansy Division – Bad Boyfriend
22. Original Intro to 1998 VHS version narrated by Nardwar The Human Serviette
23. Infomerical About Lookout Records
24. Animated Promotional Movies from Lookout Records
25. Hilarious Footage from The Smugglers and Queers 1996 Japan Tour

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