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Twin Obscenity ‎–Bloodstone cd


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With an already expanding black metal scene in their home country of Norway, Atle Wiig (singer/guitarist/keyboards), Jo-Arild Toennessen (bass), and Knut Naesje (drums) formed their own project in 1991 for the intention of adding their own bleak, but metallic content with the incorporation of a keyboard drenched enforcement; hence Twin Obscenity was born. Ten years later the band released their third and final opus, Bloodstone. This is an album that offer an excellent brand of blackened Viking metal. It features majestic, extremely atmospheric compositions (without the use of keyboards, mind you), devilish death growls accompanied by angelic female vocals and over the top, hook laden songs. Add to that a perfect and clear production and you´ve got a top class album. Anyone who enjoys the Viking style better do themselves a favour and check into Twin Obscenity.

Track list:
1. Adoration Of The Moon-intro
2. The Legacy
3. A Land Forlorn
4. Dragons Breath
5. At The Rising Of The Sun
6. Bloodstone
7. Terraforming
8. Serenades Of The Seas
9. A New Beginning

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