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Twisted Tower Dire ‎–Wars In The Unknown lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert

The return of the American epic heavy metal legend Twisted Tower Dire, formed in the Washington D.C. suburbs in the early 90s returned in 2019 with their sixth studio album, Wars In The Unknown. It’s evident from the opening track, The Thundering, that this is the Twisted Tower Dire that we’ve come to know and love in full force. We have twin guitar melodies, Jonny’s catchy voice accompanied with gang vocals, and a thundering bass. Overall, Wars In The Unknown is easily the best Twisted Tower Dire album since 2003’s Crest Of The Martyrs. In addition to successfully returning to their established Us power metal style, the band puts in some energetic performances and catchy songwriting. It’s a true symbiosis as the strongest songs come out even stronger and the lesser tracks have enough oomph to make them enjoyable. Fans of all things classic metal are strongly advised to check this one out.

Track list:
1. The Thundering
2. True North
3. Tear You Apart
4. Light The Swords On Fire
5. And The Sharks Came Then
6. Riding The Fortress
7. Eons Beyond
8. A Howl In The Wind
9. The Beast I Fear
10. These Ghosts Can Never Leave

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