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Tyranex -Death Roll MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Black cassette with black paper label. Limited 100 copies.

Sweden’s Tyranex gives us old-school thrash metal on its 2017 album, “Death Roll”. Nothing has happened since the 80s here and that’s a good thing. Tyranex is all about straightforward, old-school thrash metal played very fast, just the way we like it. The vocalist sounds pissed off like a mistreated cat on a hot tin roof. You probably don’t want to make this lady cross or she’ll get her claws out. Her in-your-face vocals fit the music like a glove. The music on this album is fast and furious, at times running into speed metal territory. There are bundles of energy bursting out here. If you ike 80s thrash metal, this is rock solid. The title track is a hit and another favourite here is the track “Bloodflow” and “Blade of the Sacrificer” is so fast and angry it makes me exhausted. This is angry kick-ass music. I love this band. You should too.

Track list:
1. Death Roll
2. Blade Of The Sacrificer
3. Berget
4. In Order To Live
5. Fight Them Back
6. No Justice
7. Bloodflow
8. Beyond The Throes Of Evil

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