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Tyranex -Extermination Has Begun lp [brown]


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Swedish press on brown vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 100 copies

Like a sharp saw blade that cuts through flesh, there was no escape from running from the steel chainsaw of this young Swedish old school group. Tyranex from Stockholm plays classic 80s metal by means of evilness and an aggressive kind of attitude. Taking their musical influences from early Speed, Thrash and Heavy Metal, this trio, led by the evil mistress Linnea Landstedt, made its debut with a malevolent slaughtering release called Extermination Has Begun. In general, the band did a good composing work on this album as it didn’t sound too banal and formed some wild killing moments of wonderful technical playing while keeping a sense of class. Suckers for old school riffages and high pitched vocals will have their fair share of combustion out of some of the tunes lined up.

Track list:
1. The Weak Strike Back
2. The Curse
3. As The Cross Crumbles
4. Dreamland
5. None So Cruel
6. Tormentor
7. Awakening The Dead
8. Road To Damnation
9. Extermination Has Begun

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GMR Music Group Records

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GMRV 1705

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