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Tyrann -Besatt MC [white]


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Swedish pressed music cassette. White cassette with black text. Limited 150 copies

With the slogan; Don’t make fashion of our heavy metal passion, Tyrann stirred up the underground scene with a vinyl single in 2019. Their first full length album, Djavulens Musik, from 2021 was sold out in just a few days time. The second album, Besatt, was released in the summer of 2023 and anyone that has loved the bands previous releases should get this one as well. More Swedish 80s metal are promised by this band featuring the mastermind behind Terminal and featuring members of Enforcer, Tribulation and Second Sun. If you thought you couldn’t get the songs from Djavulens Musik out of your head two years later, these new songs will no doubt get pounded into your skull twice as hard

Track list:
1. Transsylvanien
2. Face The Tyrant
3. Varje Sekund Och Andetag
4. Besatt
5. Omen
6. Knytnäve Från Underjorden
7. Ingen Tid För Oss
8. Rå Energi

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KOD 011