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U2 ‎–San Francisco 1981 dvd


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U2 released their debut album Boy in October of 1980 and promoted the album in Usa with just a few shows in December that year. The band then returned for more dates in March of 1981. An odyssey that took them to nearly every corner of the country. Professional cameras were rolling when the tour reached San Francisco’s California Hall on May 15th, 1981. Their repertoire was so limited at that point that when audiences called them back for an encore, they had to play I Will Follow, The Ocean and 11 O’Clock Tick Tock even though they already did them in the main set. It was a busy week at the California Hall for acts from Ireland and England. The evening before U2 played, Split Enz appeared and the day after Madness played, one year before they broke big in America with Our House. Local San Francisco group Romeo Void opened up for U2, shortly before they had a hit of their own with Never Say Never. Split Enz and Romeo Void are just distant memories, but U2 is still going strong. 40 years have passed and this smalll Irish act has come a long, long way from the Dandelion Market and California Hall. Therefore is fun to go back and revisit those early days when the band were still working hard to make that breakthrough. This dvd is a good place to start that trip down the memory lane.

Track list:
1. The Ocean
2. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
3. I Will Follow
4. I Fall Down
5. An Cat Dubh
6. Into The Heart
7. Touch
8. Another Time, Another Place
9. The Cry
10. The Electric Co.
11. Things To Make And Do
12. Stories For Boys
13. Boy-Girl
14. Out Of Control
15. Twilight
16. I Will Follow
17. A Day Without Me
18. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
19. The Ocean
20. I Will Follow-video shoot outtakes

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