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Ulf Christiansson -Julens Psalmer/Christmas Psalms cd


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Jerusalem from Gothenburg, is Swedens prime Christian hard rock act. Their four first albums have been released in both English and Swedish language. Their harder rocking sound of their early days started to change with their fourth album Vi Kan Inte Stoppas/Cant Stop Us Now which was more symphonic, softer and popier and disappointed many old fans. At the beginning of the 90s guitarist and vocalist Ulf Christiansson started to release solo albums while still being active with Jerusalem (he had already released one solo album back in 1982). His solo material is softer and on this his ninth solo album Julens Psalmer/Christmas Psalms he does his version of old Christmas psalms. There are no traces of hardrock at all but a very down to basic and emotional record with acoustic guitar, drums, piano and mandolin. Backing vocals by Ulfs wife Viktoria Christiansson who he also performs a duet with on Stilla Natt/Silent Night. All songs are in Swedish

Track listing:
1. Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus
2. Hosianna
3. Det Ar En Ros Utsprungen
4. Dagen Ar Kommen (Come all ye faithful)
5. Stilla Natt
6. Frojdas Vart Sinne
7. Ga Sion Din Konung Att Mota
8. Var Halsad Skona Morgonstund
9. Oh Helga Natt
10. Vem Ar Barnet
11. Vid Betlehem En Vinternatt
12. Jul Jul Stralande Jul

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