Ultra Damage: Damage Inc Anthology 1985-2017 book [signed]



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An A4 size 120 pages anthology book SIGNED by Maniac of Mayhem and Skitliv

First created by Skitliv founder and ex-Mayhem vocalist Maniac back in 1985, Damage Inc. zine has returned after 30 years absence. The book Ultra Damaged anthology combines the two original issues from 1986 and 1987 with the new 2017 comeback issue, and also includes a long and exclusive interview with the creator himself. Features interviews with: Mayhem, Metallica, Necrophagia, Sepultura, Cryptic Slaughter, Teitanblood, Clandestine Blaze, Darkthrone and many more

“Flipping through the pages of these old zines is like stepping into a time machine: it is a document of an era when Black Metal as we know it wasn’t even a concept yet and when everything that was loud, fast and noisy was met with equal excitement and enthusiasm…But the truly outstanding and interesting parts are when you can tell that Maniac wrote about history in the making without even being aware of it.” – Voices From The Darkside

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Cult Never Dies

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CULT 006

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