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Ulver -Riverhead lp


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Black vinyl with a 4-page booklet. Limited 400 copies

Riverhead is the original score to a film by Justin Oakey. A hushed, airy and ominous soundtrack from the Norwegian masters Ulver touching on Nordic and Celtic folk music from within an ambient / atmospheric frame.

Track list:
1. Riverhead
2. Alleyways
3. Road To Town
4. In A Wooden Coat
5. Idle Hands Are The Devils Playthings
6. Fathers Feud
7. In Memoriam
8. Stoke The Fire
9. Bored Of Canada
10. Hard Standing
11. Stalking
12. A Waste Of Your Fathers Life
13. Spiteful Things
14. The Hunt
15. Snake In The Grass

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