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Unanimated ‎–In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead dlp [china]


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China version on black with blue and white splatter vinyl with trifold cover with glow in the dark artwork and one side lazer etched and OBI-strip. Limited 200 copies

The melodic death metal band Unanimated was formed in Stockholm in 1988 and their debut album In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead was released in 1993. This was in the early days of melodic death metal but the band instead of becoming huge like At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity or the later In Flames the band fell apart in 1996. Maybe it was because the band were on a smaller label or maybe they gave up one or two years to soon or maybe it simply was because the band held on to much to the death metal formula instead of starting writing the uber catchy version of it. This debut has a certain raw brutality and Micke Jansson’s vocals are gruff. In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead is a great album with the traces of melody that started to come out of the more true style of early Dismember and Entombed but as I said not going as melodic that the previous mentioned bands. A milestone album

Track list:
1. At Dawn
2. Whispering Shadows
3. Blackness Of The Fallen Star
4. Fire Storm
5. Storms From The Skies Of Grief
6. Through The Gates
7. Wind Of A Dismal Past
8. Silence Ends
9. Mournful Twilight
10. In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead
11. Cold Northern Breeze
12. Buried Alive-Venom cover
13. The Call-Fire Storm demo 1991
14. Through The Gates-Fire Storm demo 1991
15. The Blackness Of The Fallen Star-Fire Storm demo 1991
16. Storms From The Skies Of Grief-Fire Storm demo 1991
17. In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead-Fire Storm demo 1991

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