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Undead -False Prophecies cd


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Undead is a French enigmatic death metal act that released this album under the moniker Undead. However to avoid confusion with a another music group they changed their name to Undead Prophecies and continued to record and release material under their new name. The members of Undead got together to honor old school masters such as Possessed, Celtic Frost, Obituary, Master, Pestilence, Chuck Schuldiners Death and Morbid Angel. This is simply stripped to the bone death metal. So if you like old school death then buy False Prophecies as its a really good one.

Track list:
1. Unborn
2. False Prophecies
3. Voices Within
4. Praise The Absurd
5. Castrate Humanity
6. Descending Souls
7. Unbound To Eternity
8. Emerging From The Depths

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POSH 278

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