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Unorthodox –Maze Of Existence cd


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All the way from Italy comes Unorthodox and their first full length album Maze Of Existence. For this being their first album, they have done a phenomenal job. This is technical death trash enriched with dissonant and experimental nuances. The music has an old school feel to them and they slightly remind me of Death. 7 of the 8 tracks on this debut album is re-recording of the bands debut demo. The new track is called Ipnosi Regressiva and here the band has a more proggressive 70s rock sound. It also happens to be the longest song on the album, really leads me to believe that this band will develop their sound more into this direction for their next album. And thats not a bad thing as this is a strong track. Shall be fun to hear the next album

Track list:
1. The Non-Existent Sin
2. Rotten Society
3. The Mind Keeps The Madness
4. Maze Of Existence
5. Ipnosi Regressiva
6. Chronic Dysthymia
7. They Are Legion
8. Gears Of Death

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