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Unpure ‎– All That I Have Behind Me: Official Bootleg lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 200 copies

This album features a concert recording with Unpure from Tanto in Stockholm, Sweden on the 12th of November 2005. The band were doing their first live show with paint in ages. They shared line-up with Mortuary Drape and Barathrum at this small club where only 200 tickets went on sale. This official bootlegs comes with two inserts as cover just like those old 80s bootleg used to look.

Track list:
1. Never In Gold
2. The Third Call
3. Count Dracula
4. Sawnsong Of The Ancient Stream
5. A Forest Event
6. Betrayers Of The Black Art
7. Otherside Of The Sea
8. To The Ancients
9. Sabbath
10. All Dead
11. Back On The Throne
12. Risen And Bound
13. Oblivion Attacks

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