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Unpure ‎–Northern Sea Madness 1991-2021 cd


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Unpure is a Swedish black metal act that has existed under the surface for decades. The band started out in 1991 as a pure black metal band and have over the years gone towards a blend of blackened thrash and speed metal. As a 30 years celebration the band released the Northern Sea Madness compilation album featuring lots of rare and unreleased material. The title is taken from the popular Slayer-esque track by the same name. The opening track was recorded in early 2021 and is a taster from the forthcoming album, Prophecies Ablaze. If you love black metal then check out the bands early material and if you prefer some thrash in your black then check out the 2023 album Prophecies Ablaze as its a brilliant slab of timeless blackened thrash. If youre already a fan of the band then get this for the rare material

Track list:
1. Northern Sea Madness-2021 recording
2. Lust Of Darkness-1992 recording
3. Burn My Mother-1992 recording
4. Metal Night-1996 recording
5. Incubus-1997 recording
6. War Of Vengeance-1999 recording
7. Big Dead Landscape-unreleased 2001 re-recording
8. Oblivion Attacks-unreleased 2003 recording
9. Lustfilled-unreleased 2003 recording
10. On Darkened Steeds-unreleased 2003 recording
11. All Dead-live in Germany 2007
12. Forever Lust-unreleased rehearsal take 2012
13. Cursebreed-unreleased 2021 recording

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