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Urgehal -Massive Terrestrial Attack lp


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Re-issue on black vinyl with insert and bonus track

Urgehal from Honefoss in Norway was formed in 1992 and it’s a true, necro-Norwegian black metal act with corpse paint, scary costumes, leather and spikes. Their second album ‘Massive Terrestrial Attack’ is a further examples of raw, unsophisticated, misanthropic black metal. It starts off in a black ‘n roll sort of way with The Sodomizer but by the end of the track you have realized that the complete album will co in an aggressive direction of old-school black metal

Track listing:
1. The Sodomizer
2. The Saturnine Denomination
3. Supreme Evil
4. Image Of The Horned King
5. Tellus Dod/Armageddons Suope
6. Apocalyptic Destruction
7. Flames Of Black Candles
8. Nyx

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NC 019