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Uriah Heep ‎–Look At Yourself dcd


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Deluxe edition in digipak with bonus cd

The third time proved to be the charm for Uriah Heep: on Look at Yourself, the group perfects its fusion of heavy metal power and prog rock majesty, and the result is one of the best albums in the Heep catalog. The gauntlet is thrown down on the title track, a powerful rocker that layers its relentless hard rock attack with ornate vocal harmonies and quicksilver organ runs before climaxing with a tribal-sounding drum jam. The remainder of Look at Yourself presents an effective blend of gutsy guitar rock and organ-fueled prog excursions. In the rock arena, the gems are “Tears in My Eyes,” a powerful rocker driven by an almost rockabilly-style riff that stops midway for a surprising vocal harmony break supported by smooth wah-wah guitar, and “Love Machine,” a short, punchy slice of hard rock built on an infectious, stomping rhythm. However, the best track on the album is one of the more prog-oriented ones: “July Morning” starts with a pastoral organ riff, then builds into a heavy yet symphonic rock tune that divides its time between gentle acoustic verses and emotional, organ-fueled choruses before climaxing in a monstrous jam dominated by a swirling Moog synthesizer lead. Special note should also be taken of David Byron’s vocal performance; his multi-octave, operatic style was no doubt an influence on later metal vocalists like Rob Halford. All in all, Look at Yourself is both one of Uriah Heep’s finest, most cohesive albums and a high point of 1970s heavy metal.

Track list:
1. Look At Yourself
2. I Wanna Be Free
3. July Morning
4. Tears In My Eyes
5. Shadows Of Grief
6. What Should Be Done
7. Love Machine
8. I Wanna Be Free-alternate version
9. Tears In My Eyes-alternate version
10. What Should Be Done-alternate version
11. Shadows Of Grief-alternate version
12. Look At Yourself-alternate version
13. July Morning-alternate version
14. Why Fourteen Minutes
15. Love Machine-alternate version
16. Whats Within My Heart
17. July Morning-live
18. Look At Yourself-single edit

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