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Vader ‎–Welcome To The Morbid Reich lp [splatter]


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2020 reissue on splatter vinyl with gatefold cover

Polish death metal giants Vader 2012 album ‘Welcome To The Morbid Reich’ was recorded at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland and features the cover artwork of Zbigniew Bielak (Destroyer 666, Watain). Commented Bielak: “To follow closely on Lars von Trier’s spectacular Nazi gaffe in Cannes, I’d say that the new Vader cover artwork gives a subtle hint of what would happen if the good old Cthulhu would be contracted to erect a pyramid for Thule… Well, who knows what they were really doing in subterranean galleries of Harz? One thing is certain — propelled by the spirit of most Ancient Ones, Vader indeed stand tall as death metal’s Wunderwaffe, and I hope the cover fits well in their armory of morbid imagination!”

Track list:
1. Ultima Thule
2. Return To The Morbid Reich
3. The Black Eye
4. Come And See My Sacrifice
5. Only Hell Knows
6. I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
7. Don’t Rip The Beast’s Heart Out
8. I Had A Dream
9. Lord Of Thorns
10. Decapitated Saints
11. Theyre Coming
12. Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel
13. Raping The Earth-Extreme Noise Terror cover
14. Troops Of Tomorrow-The Vibrators cover

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