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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover, printed innersleeves, poster and 2 bonus tracks. Limited 500 copies

Norwegian progressive death metal band formed in Kristiansand in 2003. To date, the band have released three full-length albums, and five years have passed until their fourth offering here, Currents, which contains seven tracks. The album is an affirmation of a band and album that does not live in the conventions of the musical norm, but rather burns deeply with a passion of a litany of emotions that is missing in much of the music you hear today. The veracity of their craft, combined with flawless musicianship, makes this an early contender for Album Of The Year.

Track list:
1. Seekers Of The Truth
2. Soul Adventurer
3. Blood We Shed
4. En Forgangen Tid
5. Origin
6. As The Black Horde Storms
7. Standing On The Ground Of Mammoths

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